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module_interval on windows agent
Can someone explain me how the module_interval work in windows agents?

I set a config file in a windows 2008 r2 to check many modules in different interval (i attach the config file to the topic).
When i look to the agent contact i see that all the modules refresh every 5 minutes!
For example in config file i set to check the module "Spazio libero D:" every 24 hours but in the console i see many value in different interval lowest thant 24 hours.
I also make some network module from the server and it works fine with the correct interval.

There's something wrong in my config file?

Attached Files

.conf   CASH - win2008 Primario.conf (Size: 5.38 KB / Downloads: 58)
Hi Fonta;

The interval works in seconds so by default is set on 300 (5 minutes).

When you want to increase the time,for example 10 minutes you should put module_interval 2 which means that you are multiplying 2 with the 300 value.


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