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E-mail Setup
Ok, so I created a rule in the outbound firewall to allow port 25 to a specified smtp server, created a device, associated a module, built an alert (Email to XXX).

I shut down the device to trigger a critical response, and it did trigger, and i found the event in the pandora_server.log, but also found the following:

2012-02-10 10:40:38 Pandora [V1] [ERROR] Sending email to [email protected] with subject [PANDORA] Alert from agent MYSERVER on module Host Alive

The question is, where do I specify the destination e-mail address instead of the default "[email protected]"? I can't seem to find it anywhere....

Thanks in advance!
Hi Rick

you can put the destination email in the Action -> Alert in field 1, also you can put it in the Alert -> Template in the field1.

i use it in the field1 in action.

in these document can explain much better


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