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Yellow icon warning color on visual console
Hi, i have a little question....
i'm drawing a map with some server and router to try the visual console...
why when a server or a router enter in warning state the icon in the visual map has the red dot and not the yellow one?
It's a bug or mine miskate?!

i found the "problem"...
if i put a "warning condition" in the device and the condition is true the icon dot is red!
if i erase that warning condition the dot became yellow... it's strange
in this way i can't configure an allert mail when a device enter in warning mode
Hi fonta,

What version of Pandora FMS are you using?

I'll try to reproduce the error in a Pandora FMS 4.0.2 which is the last unstable version to see if it happens.

The last stable version of Pandora FMS right now is 4.0.1, if you have an older one I recommend you to update it to the 4.0.1.



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