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Flexible Notification Configuration in Nagios
I need a flexible configuration of relations between hosts and services. For example, there is a DEV1 which I monitor and there is DEV2 which I monitor too. DEV1 depends on DEV2. When DEV2 goes down, DEV1 goes down too. However If DEV1 goes down, DEV2 mb or may not go down. Here I need send notification by the following set of rules:

DEV2 goes down -> send not. that DEV2 is down; don't send not. that DEV1 is down.

DEV1 goes down -> send not. that DEV1 is down.

And there are much more logic in my network. How I can do this with Pandora?

In the agent configuation you cant put the "Parent" agent and protect it with the cascade rule.


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