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Sound Event - Add: Test button and 'working' indicator
The Sound Event page would provide more confidence to a user if the page provided:

1.  An additional toggle button that allows you to test playing the flash and sound. Without it the user does not know the sound plays at all, and if it plays at an acceptable volume. (Some systems the audio does not play because of browser incompatibility.) Also, consider the scenario a user has their system muted.

2. A visual indication that the server is being successfully polled each 10 interval, or not. Otherwise, the system gives you no feedback that it is alive and doing its thing.

3. Text that explains to 'Press the Green Arrow after setting the filters'. Otherwise it is not obvious that when the "Pause" button is displayed that it actually means it is monitoring. (This is backward to many system conventions.)
This has been added to our tracker, for implementing in next (5.0) version. Thanks !

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