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"next contact agent" -out of limits issue-
I check the server config file and everything seems fine, i also restart the server with

# /etc/init.d/pandora_server restart

and it says that is running

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.png   pandora svr_config.png (Size: 68.16 KB / Downloads: 98)
sorry if im posting to many screenshots, but this fail error keeps showing in the audit, do you think is related?

failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'

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.png   Pandora FMS log.png (Size: 120.28 KB / Downloads: 109)
But these log lines are from September,

If /etc/init.d/pandora_server start works fine, then you have pandora server running. It returns a valid PID number? You could see server status in web console, clicking in Systems: Ready

Oh My God It work, i feel so dumb we were focusing the the wrong issue. Let me break it down and yes if it wasnt for your help i wouldnt havent been able to solve this issue.

1.The main issue i was having was the red label that said contact out of limits every time i clicked on the agent.
2. I didnt realize the date of the server logs were old. when i scrolled down the logs showed real issue.
3. And Finally, the whole red label was a setup issue in the web console. Under Administration/setup there is a time zone, Im on selma Alabama and the console comes with a Berlin time zone as default. So all i had to do is change it to " America/Chicago" and the display for contacting the next agent is working perfectly.

Thank you so much Mr. Luismi (admin) and I feel like i was wasting your time. Im so sorry

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.png   out of limit.png (Size: 33.08 KB / Downloads: 148)
.png   logs.png (Size: 130.78 KB / Downloads: 146)
.png   Pandora timezone.png (Size: 39.21 KB / Downloads: 145)
.png   agent time.png (Size: 42.75 KB / Downloads: 127)
Don't worry Gabriel,

Im so happy you have found  the problem and solve it. Now you have Pandora FMS working like a charm.

yes, Pandora is an awesome software, my boss made me try quite a few but non of them really compare to it. And i have to straight out a lil detail with SNMP, but yes for the most is working like a clock work. Thanks y arriva Espana!
Thank you Gabriel!!!

We always try to do things better.

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