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about a plugin
there is a situation.i want to know that there is a plug in for that already. here it is,
imagine a agent called xxx have these data,  
name                            status                   data             last contact

NIC #1 inPackets    NORMAL:                240.9        16 seconds

NIC #1 inOctects NORMAL: 107.9K   107,904.2   45 seconds

another port can have

name                         status                       data                last contact

NIC #2 inOctects     NORMAL: 2.6M 2,622,651.9 5 minutes 02 seconds
NIC #2 inPackets NORMAL: 3.6K 3,619.5   8 seconds

like this, we cannot add min /max warning values for a template.because it is vary from one to another port.there fore it have to change each module one by one . but getting inoctects / inpacket can get average value then it can compare each other.because it gives a average
so if it is a module plug in to get that kind of data, it is very easy to measure the data.
is there, that kind of plugin?

hi ,
here is  the question in simplified version
module          data
NIC1 inoctects     100
NIC1 inpackets    10

NIC2 inoctects     2000
NIC2 inpackets    200[/table]

when we thinking of the first data set, and set more than 5oo data as the critical max point, the second data set is in critical state . but when we get the average value (inoctects/inpacket) both sets are same.(second one is not in critical)
in first set 100/10=10
second set 2000/200=10

so i need to know is there are that kind of plugin for measure that average value.

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