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adding more groups makes slow
early we had Pandora FMS v4.0.3-Build PC130407 installed and it had more than 100 groups. it worked smooth. but today we installed Pandora FMS v5.0dev - Build PC130410 to same server and added old groups (pandora fms 4.03)then it started getting  new pandora fms v5 very slow .it gets more time to load a page.(about 25 seconds). first, we added only the groups without agents .Even then it is also very slow.(delay is noticeable when adding more than about 60 groups , if  there are about 40  groups- the page loading time is somewhat acceptable ). but when we run the relevant SQL queries directly on MySQL database  they ran without any delay.

so that we reinstalled Pandora FMS v4.0.3-Build PC130407. its OK and working fine and smooth. we think there is a problem on pandora fms v5dev with  more groups. so please have a look at it.
Thanks for the info.

We'll review it,


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