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add agent to multiple groups??
hi, is there any way to add one agent to multiple groups??? as a example i wanted to divide devices in to groups based on device type and i also want to divide it based on device owner or device location??? (somewhere in the documentation i read; it can do with using "tags" but we have to assign a module to it. is there any way to do that other than using tags)

Yes you can configure 2 different groups using tags. For example, you can create groups based on device type and then you configure tags based on device location. You can configure this tags in massive module edition quickly.

Hi all,

Do you have any update about this topic ?
I'd like to add an agent for multiple groups.
If I use the tag option, I have to add every time when I create a new group.

Best regards,

I'm afraid right now you can only assign your agents to one group. Tags are similar but at module level.

Kind regards,

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