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no massive operation in modules to change targetip after changing ip of agent
i think there is a problem in changing ip addresses in a agent saved in pandora fms v4.3 and v5.
As an example , imagine there is a agent which has a ip x.x.x.x and it has 15 modules. After some times if someone want to change the ip address x.x.x.x to y.y.y.y of that agent, that is ok but the thing is all the modules of that agent has that old targeted ip (x.x.x.x) and he have to change all the modules target ip as y.y.y.y one by one. there's no machanism to change the ip of all modules in a  one place.(if there is a option in mass module edition or mass agent edition that is very usefull to the users) . so i think its a problem and hope you'll work on that.
(actually we faced this problem)
thank you.
Right, good point. I will add to our priority task queue.

Thanks for the idea.
hello sancho,
Big Grin .nice to hear that.and we are waiting for that.. Smile

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