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module_min_warning/module_max_warning not accepted
Hi guys,

i want to define the module_min_warning/module_max_warning in the agent configuration to avoid a manual setup on the Pandora FMS console.
This is an example module (disk space) with warning defined:

module_name disk_root_free
module_type generic_data
module_exec df -Pkh / | tail -1 | awk '{ print 100-$5 }'
module_max 100
module_min 0
module_min_warning 20
module_max_warning 30
module_description Free disk Percentage of root partition

Make a tcpdump, i see the warning parameters on the XML file but on the console the agent doesn't have these parameter filled.. I need to put manually. Is it that normal? Or isn't possible to use there parameter from confing file?
I'm using last version of agent and server (agent build 130118/ server build 130118)


From version 4.0.3, max and min warning only work the first time you create the module.
If the module does not exist in the dashboard, then it will be created automatically when the learning mode is used. New changes have to be made in the Pandora Console.

Check if you have any update in Update Manager.

Thanks. Best Regards

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