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"No data to show" when retrieving records over the last month

we've been running Pandora for six months. I have to be honest and tell that I didn't install Pandora by myself and I was asked to use.
So here I am, I'm learning and I hope I'll get the max out of it.

There is a agent monitoring the free disk space for which the last day values are shown but when I want to go back one month I get "No data to show".

What and where do I have to do changes so that I can read data from the past?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello Alex.

Its possible that you have setting in your crontab, pandora_db tool and this information was deleted. Would you indicate me your "Administration > Setup > Performance" setting?

I guess you mean this

Max. days before delete events 7
Max. days before delete traps 3
Max. days before delete audit events 7
Max. days before delete string data 3
Max. days before delete GIS data 7
Max. days before purge 7
Max. days before compact data 14
Max. days before deleting unknown modules 1

how to retrieve older/archived data?
Yes. you have setting Max. days before purge to 7, and all module data more than 7 days is erased.

You need to setting Max. days before purge to 60 days, for example, to see module data of a month.


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