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Agent keepalive problem..
Hi guys,

i've put the module "Keep Alive" on all my agent to know when an host is down
the problem is that this module report me wrong status, sometimes give me that host is down but it's not true, after 5 minutes the keep alive module recovered.

I've upgraded today from 4.03 to 4.1.. hope this solve the issue, but may be i've other misconfiguration problem.

Do you have any lag in data server??

Hi Mario,

currently we have just one dataserver thread with about 80 agents and 800 modules. The current lag is 2 minutes with 22 agent on queue. Now i've raised the dataserver thread to 5.

Is it normal that the Load cell reports for DATA and NETWORK a load of 100%?!?

it is normal if you only have a server running ,the entire burden of these modules is carried to these servers and in the server view appear to 100%

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