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Migrate from Pandora FMS v4.0.2 to v4.1
Hi, i have a Pandora FMS v4.0.2 - Build PC120626 with a lot of agent

how i can migrate all the agents / groups / modules etc etc in a new installation of pandora 4.1?

for the windows and the linux machines that have the agent installed there's no problem but for all the other?

i have tryed to search in forum but i don't find anything


You can use the same database of 4.0.2 in 4.1 version.

In 4.0.2:

mysqldump -u root -p pandora > pandora.sql

Send pandora.sql to 4.1 server.

In 4.1

mysql -u root -p
use pandora
source /%Path_of_pandora.sql%/pandora.sql

After this changes, you can see all information in your new 4.1 Console.

Thanks Mario!
is there a way to keep all the new modules in pandora 4.1 and update it with the old ones from the backup?

when i import the old db all the new modules are lost

In Pandora Enterprise exist a export Server to send information between servers.

Here, you only can add modules in database manually. It's a hard work. The easy solution is add modules by hand in Pandora Console. You can use massive operations to do the work more easy.


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