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PandoraFMS5 server plugins
today(2013/10/08), I tried to write a pandorafms version2 serverplugin for pandoraFMS5. as reference i used "PandoraBig Grinocumentation en:Anexo Server plugins developement" new documentation. but my all attempts were unsuccessful. and every time i tried to upload extension it showed "Cannot load INI file ". then i recheck examples in documentation. there are two "min_critical" fields in module definition example. then i checked plugin_registration.php file i found that few parameter fields don't exist in that code but they are exist in that example. so i need to know the right way of writing pandorafms version 2 type plugin for pandorafms5dev and way of installing it.

Could you send me the pspz?
ok here it is. I still couldn't find any error.

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.pspz   sample2.pspz (Size: 1,011 bytes / Downloads: 58)

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