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search bar problem
I'm using Pandora FMS v5.0 - Build PC131029 .
I have faced two problems.

1.If we try to search something by typing key words main search area(top right corner) and click out side of the search area (before enter) and then if we try again to type it  , that removes characters that we type earlier . So we have to type it again from the beginning.(most of the web applications working as what I said here. ex:-

2.And you are using live search in ,
      -view events/Advanced option/Agent search and
      -reporting/visual console/builder/static graph/Agent
In these live search,When we typing some thing in in that searching area,it takes little time to gives it suggestions. most of the times it misses characters. So that it gives wrong suggestions that we unexpected. So have you any idea to solve these problems.

And I'm going to implement your  live search (that I mentioned earlier post) in to the logon_ok.php page.Because most of the times,if some issue occurred(alert or something),  users came to the pandora fms and directly they are trying to search agents by name and it's IP that they are familiar with . So that if your live search option is available in front page (logon_ok.php) it is very useful to the users to go directly to the specific agents page very quickly  (by typing 2 or 3 characters in live search area and scroll down and get the correct agent) .  (See the attachment)

But the thing is that search  takes much time to give the results .And  most of the times it misses characters when type.
So if that live search is pretty much smooth,I think its very useful to the users.


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Thanks for the input

We are going to review it

thanks ,
Hopes it has a positive answer. Smile

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