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hyperlink redirects nothing in "view events".
I'm using Pandora FMS v5.0 - Build PC131111 and today I adds "Agents module" as a custom field in manage events tab and update it.And it appeared in "View events" page and shows the agent modules (module names )as hyper links for those events related.(attachment-view_event_page.png) But the thing is, when I click those links , it redirects to a "Agents details" page and shows nothing.(attachment-agent_detail_page.png) .In end of the url, says index.php?sec=estado&sec2=operation/agentes/ver_agente&id_agente=xxxx&tab=data So what is tab=data  and why it shows nothing? .I think this will check soon.
Big Grin

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.png   agent_detail_page.png (Size: 32.22 KB / Downloads: 90)
.png   view_event_page.png (Size: 65.31 KB / Downloads: 92)
Thanks for the input.

We are going to fix it.
Thank you for quick reply . Hopes it will fix soon. Smile
It was fixed.

2013-11-12  Sergio Martin <[email protected]>

        * operation/events/events.build_table.php
        operation/agentes/ver_agente.php: Fixed old link in
        module name in events list. Incident #369


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