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Scheduled Downtime
Here are some suggestions for improving the Schedule Downtime capability and user experience, based on v5.0SP1 - Build PC131117:
1. Add or move Schedule Downtime to the Operations section. This is an operations function, not really an administrative function.  Currently I am having to open up the user profile for operators that schedule downtime to include Administrative functions. Not a good situation.
2. In help for scheduled downtime, add a description of 'Type'. In particular, I am not understanding what 'Quiet' means. The others are self explanatory.
3. In the second page of the scheduled downtime there is a help popup on 'Available Modules' that states: 'Only quiet type in modules'. I do not understand what this means. Clarification needed.
4. In the modules list the top item is 'Any'. I suggest renaming this to 'All'. This applies to many other list selections across Pandora FMS, by the way.
5. Once a module has been selected for the list, there is the capability to add additional modules. (Nice addition!) However, the top element is None. If selected it give a message to select a module. This is not very useful item in the list. Instead, I suggest removing 'None' and replacing it with 'All'. That would be useful!
6.Regards inconsistency of what is Operations and Administration,  under Operations >> Extensions there is the Update Manager to upgrade the console software on the server. This should be under Administration >> Extensions instead, in my opinion. Operations should not be able to upgrade server software.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I'll explain the doubts you have.

. 2 - Quiet Mode (Disable modules and alerts)
. 3 - You can only disable modules in Quiet Mode, on the other 2 options alerts agents or agents are disabled.

Regarding the Operations and Administration options we will consider it.

Thank you very much again
Would also suggest that periodic timeframe can span days. When setting up downtime for backups that run from 11PM-2AM system requires that we create 2 separate downtime instances to cover that period.

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