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remote_config doubts
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use the remote_config parameter in the agents, but have no success until now...

Even when I set up the remote_config 1 in the pandora_agent.config and restart the agent, the server (agent detail -> Manage) still reports "Remote Configuration: Not available".

I tried with two or three agents, restart the agent and the same result... Am I doing something wrong? Is there a detailed documentation about the remote configuration?

I wanna try the remote config because I have some doubts about the improvements that this configuration will bring to my environment, for example: The contents of the pandora_agent.config file will change based on the configuration changes in the server? Why there is no field (in "Module assignment - Data server module" to put the module_exec parameters? Am I missunderstanding this functionality?

Thank you.
The remote_config is an enterprise feature.
So you won't get the interface (in the webconsole) to use it, even if you set remote_config 1 in the pandora_agent.conf

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