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How to add min/max , critical/warning values using .data files?
I'm using Pandora FMS v5.0SP1. I have question relevant to configuring critical/warning level using .data file. I'm using .data files to add data to agent.If I create a new agent using .data file warning and critical level to each module added as I put it in .data file.but if I add new module to an agent that already have some modules (as example network,plug-in module or data module) newer data modules added to that agent without min/max critical/warning the only way to add critical/warning min/max values to agent that already have modules, using .data file is "delete agent and create agent using .data file again".so why is that? so is it a bug?

Always that you create a new module with an agent data, all the settings (max, min, warning/critical) could create it. If you create this settings, once that the module is created, it never will modify, you could only modify it with Pandora Console.


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