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Pandora FMS 5.1 ready to be tested: Beta1 available
Pandora FMS 5.1 BETA1 is here ready to be tested. We hope that this version is a good approach to the stable version that will be finished and released in the following weeks.

These are some of the new exciting features of the 5.1 BETA1 version:
  • Satellite Server: This new server will deploy a powerful SNMP/ICMP/WMI monitoring with autodiscovery on networks without direct connectivity, without the need to install MySQL server and running on windows/unix as well.

  • Improved Enterprise network map (former Network console), used to work with L2 maps, updating new nodes on a retention area, ready to link with current maps.

  • IPAM (IP Address management): A fully IPv4/IPv6 solution for managing the IP address on your networks, including realtime time alerts on new IP's, network sweep and integration with monitoring. 

For more information on the new features you can visit the official webpage for the  Pandora FMS Unified Monitoring Tool

If you'd like to give it a try and test the new features you can download Pandora FMS from the sourceforge webpage

If you want to be a betatester for the new version, including the new Enterprise features you can  contact visiting the following webpage

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