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Introducing Pandora FMS 5.1
Pandora FMS 5.1 is a completely improved version that lets you have a more more efficient, interactive and intuitive experience when monitoring your systems.

What's new?
  • Satellite Server. This new server will discover and remotely monitor SNMP/ICMP/WMI devices on networks without direct connectivity, without the need to install a database or any other component running on windows/unix as well.
  • Improved Enterprise Network Map  (Network & Interface level). This feature has been almost rewritten from scratch. Now we can display the topology based on network interfaces of switches, routers and servers and detect new systems in the map using a WYSIWYG graphical interface.
  • Windows  Support for Server & Console.  Starting with 5.1 version, now Pandora FMS can be installed in a windows server. We have developed a new installer which includes all components (including MySQL) to let you use Pandora FMS in your windows server.
  • IPAM (IP Address Management). A fully IPv4/IPv6 solution for managing the IP addresses on your networks, including realtime time alerts on new IP's, network sweep and integration with monitoring.
  • Network Devices Configuration Change Management.  With Pandora FMS 5.1 you can detect a configuration change in your router/switch in a notification. Also viewing with a visual “diffview” the changes between both configurations and check different date setups.
  • About 50 minor features added since 5.0 release.

For more information on the new version visit the official blog of Pandora FMS.


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