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Pandora FMS HA
I'm using 5.1 version of Pandora FMS server & console RPM.

This is the same issue as the 3 other posts you have so I am going to respond here. Can you send us a copy of the two pandora_server configuration files?

Can you give us more details on the database configuration and infrastructure established?

You can look for information on ha in the following webpage: [url=] Grinocumentation_en:HA[/url] . There you can check additional information on HA.

Thank for your feedback, Ivo. Please find the configuration file in attachment. I also posted the topology of my monitoring system in previous post.

Attached Files

.conf   pandora_server_02.conf (Size: 13.04 KB / Downloads: 0)
Somehow i cannot attach more than one file. Here is configuration of Server 01.

Attached Files

.conf   pandora_server_01.conf (Size: 13.04 KB / Downloads: 0)

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