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SNMP Modules - defining values for Warning and Critical
Using software agents, I have created SNMP modules for checking the state of DELL RAID Virtual Disks and Physical Disks in the VD.
Basically, my problem is this:

The normal value for an online physical [member] disk is 3 (online), anything else should create an event and, then, an alert; as with hot-spares, that should normally return 1 (ready).

Can anyone explain how I can configure warning and critical status values so events get created so I can, then, receive alerts?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

In order to set up alerts first you should start by setting up templates. There you can set up regular expressions or specific values that would trigger an alert.

Once you have finished setting up this you need to create alerts for the snmp modules with the corresponding templates.

Thanks Ivo,
I am familiar with how to setup alerts, I am just confused about how to check for these values. At this point, all of our checks are 0 or 1, and are easy to setup. Basically, I do not understand how to check for specific values .... also, I don't know if this would be a single module or if it would require multiple.

For example, a server having 5 hard disks, in the array, would usually have 4 active members and one hot-spare. All active disks will return a value of 3 when normal but could also have any of the following values returned, depending on state:

0: Unknown
1: Ready -Available for use , but no RAID configuration has been assigned.
2: Failed - Not operational.
3: Online - Operational. RAID configuration has been assigned. (as mentioned above)
4: Offline - The drive is not available to the RAID controller.
6: Degraded - Refers to a fault-tolerant array/virtual disk that has a failed disk.
7: Recovering - Refers to state of recovering from bad blocks on disks.
11: Removed - Indicates that array disk has been removed.
15: Resynching - Indicates one of the following types of disk operations: Transform Type , Reconfiguration , and Check Consistency.
24: Rebuild
25: No Media - CD-ROM or removable disk has no media.
26: Formatting - In the process of formatting.
28: Diagnostics - Diagnostics are running.
35: Initializing: Applies only to virtual disks on PERC , PERC 2/SC , and PERC 2/DC controllers.

Can you help me understand how I can check if a known active drive returns anything other than 3? That would help me tremendously, as I could adapt that to check when a hot-spare is also brought online when it's value changes from 1. However, that would still leave me trying to figure out how to check if any of these drives return a value of 2 -- meaning they failed.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I'd recommend setting one module but with multiple alerts (templates). You can set up templates per each possible value and then input a description and additional information in the fields of the template. You can as well use macros and set up commands to be executed on the system where the pandora server is installed (from the commands section in manage alerts).

Having multiple modules is also a possibility but you'll need to create the templates either way so I believe the first option is better.


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