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About the graph of one agent's module

I have study the graph of one agent's module(Operation->Monitoring->Agent detail->The grapf of one Agent's Module), but to the notes as follows above the graph,  I can't understand its meaning, can I modify it?

Who can tell me the meaning of each line and each item of a line as follows:

Max.: Last: 40 db ; Avg.: 29.86 db ; Max.: 88 db ; Min.: 40 db
Avg.: Last: 40 db ; Avg.: 29.53 db ; Max.: 48.75 db ; Min.: 40 db
Min.: Last: 40 db ; Avg.: 29.44 db ; Max.: 40 db ; Min.: 40 db

Hi fy,

I will write you a brief explanation about your issue.

The maximun, minimun and average of all values you have received along time you have defined at "Time Range" (click the arrow at the left side of the window).
If you select a point in the map you will be able to see the received value in that moment and you will be able to compare it with the values of all ranges (for example 1 day).

Line Max has:

- The last received value.
- The maximun received value in the range.
- The minimun of the maximun received value in the range and the average.

It will be the same for line Avg. and Min.

I hope I've been helpful.



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