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"NO INIT" status of WMI component

I did the followings;

1. Install Windows7 Professional on a PC from the scratch - because I am still new to Windows10.
2. Disable Windows Firewall.
3. Enable all DCOM features for ALL accounts.
4. Disable UAC for login account.

Then I activated PandoraFMS with WMI module to access this PC.
It worked without any problem and I got an updated status via WMI.

Pandora_sevrer.log showed the following status;
2015-10-13 05:23:44 localhost.localdomain [V9] Executing AM # 25 WMI command 'wmic -U "mkuwata-X201/mkuwata"%"******" // "SELECT LoadPercentage from Win32_Processor WHERE DeviceID = 'CPU0'"'
2015-10-13 05:25:02 localhost.localdomain [V10] Validating events for id_agentmodule #21

Now, I confirmed that WMI command was successfully issued via terminal like following;
[[email protected] pandora]# wmic -U "mkuwata-X201/mkuwata"%"******" // "SELECT LoadPercentage from Win32_Processor WHERE DeviceID = 'CPU0'"
CLASS: Win32_Processor
[[email protected] pandora]#

Thank you for your kind advice (I could not have solved this issue without your kind advice!).

Best Regards
Hi Kuwata,

nice to hear that WMI is working now for your installation :-)

Happy monitoring !!!


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