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PandoraFMS Open version can't see Local Component
Please help me about Local Component.
I'm using PandoraFms Open version 6.0 (Vmware ovf). I try create Local Component but i can't see Local Component as guide: Administration -> Manage modules -> Local components.
In Administration i only see: Network Component, Module Templates, Bulk Operation.
If anyone know that, how to create a local component, please help me. Thank so much!!! 
Hello kosfam,

It doesn't make any sense, you should be able to see it!
At this version of Pandora (6.0), the path would be: Configuration > Local components, instead of the other one.

Either way, if you seem to find Bulk Operations and module Templates, it should be there.
Could you attach a screenshot of it, so I can have a look? Maybe is a problem with your cache? Have you tried to press F5 repiditely?

Dear Emilio,
Thank for your help. I sent picture as attachments.
Could u have any solution for this, please help me.


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.png   loi pandorafms 1.png (Size: 104.91 KB / Downloads: 57)
Hello kosfam,

"Local Components" is actually an Enterprise feature, so you won't have access in an Open version of the software.
Sorry about this, my fault. Didn't know that it was an Enterprise feature.


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