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change pandora gui port?
Ok, so i changed the port for apache2 to an custom one. Anyway, it works fine when i first login and when i click on any link, but anytime i just let the browser window sit and it does its auto refresh, it tries to use port 80 which apache2 isnt running on anymore. Any idea where i need to make the change to pandora?
I'm taking a look at this, trying to reproduce it, I'll get back to you in a while
Are you using trunk version? Did you get it using svn?
Im running 2.1 from the vmware image.

Pandora FMS v2.1 - Build PC090224
Alright, we fixed it.
Download this file

And save it as your new /var/www/pandora_console/index.php
that seemed to do it. Thanks!

It did seem to throw up a php notices about https which i found odd since im not using ssl, but i ended up just disabling php notices in that file and they went away with no issues.
How can this be done with Version 3 ?

What else needs to be changed other than listen.conf ???????
mm... grep 80 in the /etc/apache2 directory, maybe another file is using port 80

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