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Dual Network Cards?

I am back yet again!
So - Pandora FMS is up and operation (and working great) - I just had a few questions regarding the agent and installing on Windows Server 2003.

I have a Windows Server 2003 box, and was able to add the agent to that machine and it showed up almost immediately (how easy was that?!)

I installed on another server in our server room, and it has been unable to be seen by Pandora.

The difference between the two is that one has dual NIC cards and I'm wondering if that could be a reason for the problem? Is there anyway to troubleshoot further to see if it is the dual cards?
The cards are 'teamed' to allow faster data transfers - but I'm wondering if it is also the reason the agent doesn't seem to just 'work' as easily as it did on the 2003 server with only 1 network card.

Any have any experience with multiple network cards and pandoraFMS?
That doesn't make sense.
Is the connection between the Agent and PandoraFMS server possible?

Can you send a file from the Windows box to the pandora server?
Again, tentacle_client -a IP filetosend
Yes, it can connect. I was able to send a file (the way you described) just fine from the agent to the server.

Perhaps I should try reinstalling the agent to see if that has any success?
When I installed the agent on the other server, it came up on the system very quickly, with no issues, so I was a bit baffled when this one did not.
No, don't reinstall it.

Edit pandora_agent.conf and set:
debug 1

It will generate a file called under the Temporal directory (by default Windows\Temp).

Using tentacle_client, send it to pandora and take a look if pandora recognized it in the webconsole

tentacle_client -a
When I attempted to send that .data file it responded with:
[err] Server responded 'SEND ERR'

So I took it out of debug mode and attempted to send it again, but got the same response.

Not sure what that's about... or why I was able to send that test.txt file earlier...
Debug 1 mode just only implies the agent will not send the file to the server so you can take a look at it.

If you are getting the .data file the agent runs fine so the problem is the connection to the server as you are seeing with the [err] Server responded 'SEND ERR' error.
Firewall problem maybe?

telnet pandoraIP 41121

What do you get?
I am thinking it may be some weird setting on this server itself... I have been installing the agent on other servers and having no issues (and they have bridged network cards)


When I do telnet IP 41121 :
The cmd prompt changes to all black... if I try to type something it, I can't see the text I am typing. When I press enter it kicks me out and takes me back to the normal windows command prompt (so I'm assuming that's an unsuccesful connection? Not real familiar with telnet...)

I had considered a firewall issue, but all the other servers on that same rack are having no problems (and install is super easy!)
Really weird yes cause that "black screen" in telnet means it is connecting.

What does program files\pandora_agent\pandora_agent.log say?

Why don't you try to configure this agent to send the data using SSH and see what happens?
All the pandora_agent.log file says is:
2009-04-08 15:27:28 Pandora agent stopped
2009-04-08 15:27:40 Pandora agent started
2009-04-08 15:59:26 Pandora agent stopped
2009-04-08 15:59:31 Pandora agent started
2009-04-08 20:45:42 Pandora agent stopped
2009-04-08 20:45:48 Pandora agent started
2009-04-08 20:51:24 Pandora agent stopped
2009-04-08 20:51:28 Pandora agent started
2009-04-08 21:11:40 Pandora agent stopped
2009-04-08 21:12:12 Pandora agent started

I am not sure why on this server it's having issues. Every other machine has had no issues at all!
I'll have to give the SSH method a try tomorrow - it's time for me to get out of here for now however...

Thank you SO MUCH for ALL of your help!! You've been an amazing help and now I've got everything (except this server) running smoothly.
Try again tentacle_client -a (the file you should have at Windows\Temp) several times to see if you get that file sent manually.
I'm pretty sure it is a connection issue, I just want you to try to send that file to see if it send it is recognized by pandora in the webconsole.
If necessary, copy it to a pendrive or something and put it manually under /var/spool/pandora/data_in in the Linux machine.
The point is to _be sure_ that if the file were sent it would be detected by Pandora, so we can focus in the connection issue.

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