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install windows agent
i have a problem with installing windows agent..
i have installed a Appliance CD based on CentOS in vmware workstation 10 and every thing work fine..according to video which is in Docs section i'll try to download windows agent and install on my win 8.1 but when the file file downloaded it's an .iso file which have an 3 files and no setup section so how can i install windows agent?????
please help me it is necessary and urgent...
thank you
Hi pouria91

The .iso file you downloaded might be the whole Pandora FMS server for Windows (its size is about 930 MB). The link could be wrong.

Check this sourceforge link, you can download the agent installer .exe from there. You can choose to download either the x86 or the x64 version. Both .exe files are named Pandora FMS Windows Agent and are about 14 MB.

I hope this helps.

Nice regards,
dear Akevin
thank you for your answer...the problem solved but i have  some new problems..according to video i try to create some module on my server but in all of them going critical and when i try to create snmp module nothing like video..actually when i choose ip and snmp community i can't underestand what is said in video...
please help me..
nice regards pouria

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