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Monitoring a read-only linux "server"

I'm going to install a new server in the company i work for that is a read-only linux "server". It's not really a server, it's a hardware managed by pre-compilled read-only linux. The only reporting i have is a json report on demand (i have to ask vía browser with this kind of URL: http://IPofServer/status.zms)

I have been scouting for a possibillity to use Pandora to take that json and configure alerts with the info that this json include, for example:

,"net": {


Anyone knows if this is possible in Pandora FMS?

Thanks in advance!
Hi eugeniolpa,

I'd need to know more about this on-demand json report. How does it work? When you get into that URL, does it lead you to a json file download, does it head you to a screen prompting that information...?

Kind regards,

Thanks for the response. That URL lead me to a json file (attatched).

Thanks in advance

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.json   status.json (Size: 12.07 KB / Downloads: 14)
Hello eugeniolpa,

You might be able to do it through a custom script. It would have to download the file (maybe with cURL or wget), perform a "cat file.json" (over that new file) and filter the information it shows with grep and/or awk. It might be a little rough, but surely there is a way (if not many) to do it.

Kind regards,
Thank you very much AKevin, will focus on that. If i get a solution with this will post the result, may be help someone else.

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