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Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3 is already here!
[Image: logo_pandora_community.png]

Hello Community! Although SP2 came out only a few months ago, we felt it was still a little rough around the edges, and we haven’t rested until we felt comfortable with how it would look and perform in this new version. We are now sure that some of the most relevant trouble spots will be fixed and working correctly, and we highly recommend you update and install this new Service Pack.

For more news or to give us your feedback follow us on Twitter (@pandorafms), Reddit (/r/pandorafms), Facebook (/pandorafms) and on YouTube (/PandoraFMS or /PandorafmsES)

New features
  • New integration with eHorus, the cloud-based remote management system. It provides remote management and administration capabilities with terminal and screen sharing methods, plus real-time management of services and processes.
  • Improved integration with the Pandora FMS helpdesk tool, Integria IMS: improved ticket creation flow and inventory management.
  • Huge aesthetic and UX improvements on Visual Consoles and Dashboards, making possible to create high quality fully customizable screens.
  • The L2 network auto discovery algorithm has been improved, allowing creating even more precise network maps in complex environments.
  • Improvement on the Update Manager: new recon and user features added that try to provide a more customized experience when obtaining recommendations and notifications for Pandor FMS.
  • New SAML authentication option added.
  • Added new view option for events, grouped by agents.

Changes regarding the previous version
  • The warning icon on the Pandora header can only be viewed by standard users that have PM or admin permissions.
  • Changed the location on the Update Manager, reserving a new spot for all of its sections.
  • Added a new initial assistant for the timezone, language and admin mail setup. This email address will be used by default for email alerts using the “Mail to Admin” action.
  • The side menu can now be viewed clicking instead of hovering the mouse cursor over it.
  • Updated Tentacle to version 0.6.0.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed visibility errors in the menu for environments with Enterprise ACL activated.
  • Numerous minor fixes on the Visual Dashboard editor.
  • Fixed login issues for the mobile console.
  • Issues with the public URLs for Visual Consoles fixed.
  • Fixed error 500 return when exporting resources via the resource Exportation extension.
  • Fixed update errors for the Update Manager’s proxy configuration.
  • Fixed visibility mistakes on customized graphs.
  • Fixed reporting issues on the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed mistakes on pie and gauge graphs, as well as for graph keys.
  • Fixed synchronization errors for Operating Systems and module Groups between the Metaconsole and its “sons”.
  • Fixed issues in some CLI calls.
  • The events created by the IPAM recon task that don’t have an associated agent won’t be shown.
  • Fixed mistakes on the Web Server that didn’t fully execute all types of checks.
  • Fixed issues on event replication between the nodes and Metaconsole.
  • Fixed the create_event function from the CLI, which allowed creating events with empty.
  • Corrected skin creation.
  • Corrected massive element creation on visual consoles using the simple values wizard.
  • Many more which can be seen on the GitHub history.

View the full change log and update procedure here, and access our downloads section to get the software.

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