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"Problem with Pandora FMS database" just after installation

I installed PandoraFMS on my win64 server. I already have WAMP on my box with mySQL 5.7 DB, so I
- changed the nginx conf to use port 9080 (OK)
- created a "pandora" db in in, and changed mysql settings in pandora_server.conf (dbname, dbuser, dbpass, dbhost)
- ran the pandoradb.sql and pandoradb_data.sql . The default value '0' for datetime was not accepted, I changed it and everything went OK
- restarted Pandora server, no error.

but when accessing the console at ".../pandora_console/index.php" I still get the message "Problem with Pandora FMS database" and can't see login form. Where does it can from ?

NB : I notice some errors in "pandora_server.error" file, it says it can't find cat, free or df commands, but thoses are linux commands, not Windows ?? But I guess this is a distinct issue that does not explain the db error.

Hello Loko,

You must set your mysql credentials in the file "C:\PandoraFMS\htdocs\pandora_console\include\config.php" with the same you have in your server configuration to allow Pandora console log in your database.

Kind regards,
That's it !

Thanks a lot Enrique

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