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Windows agent auto revert the configuration file
Hi, I met a problem with the Windows agent will automatically revert the change I made.

I changed the "Number processes" max_critical from 300 to 400.

Save the configuration file, and start the pandora agent. It will revert back the number from 400 to 300.

What's wrong with it??
Hello yjvoo,

Once the module is created, you can't modify this value from the pandora_agent.conf file by modifying the module's syntax, you have to do it from the console. This is because there are certain parameters that are only "accepted" on module's creation, not being possible to modify them from the agent afterwards.

Kind regards,

How can I change the pandora_agent.conf? If I want to add up some custom module to monitor
my own application?

Thank you,

Hello yjvoo,

To add new local modules, you can edit the pandora_agent.conf file on your windows system. The standard location is: "C:\Program Files\pandora_agent\pandora_agent.conf"

Here you can take a look at the extended documentation about software agents:

Kind regards,

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