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Limited number of custom fields values populated by Windows physical agent

Good evening,

I've notice that Windows physical agent it's not able to populate more than 3 custom fields on Pandora agent.

The test case is the following:
- create 5 custom fields in Pandora console
custom_field1 with name field1
custom_field2 with name field2
custom_field5 with name field3
custom_field6 with name field4
custom_field7 with name field5

- create a configuration file containing all 5 custom fields like this

custom_field1_name field1
custom_field1_value v1
custom_field2_name field2
custom_field2_value v2
custom_field5_name field3
custom_field5_value v3
custom_field6_name field4
custom_field6_value v4
custom_field7_name field5
custom_field7_value v5

- install a Windows agent using the configuration file

Only the first 3 custom fields are populated with values.

This is not the case on Linux where everything works ... so I can assume this is a bug.
Configuration is Pandora Server 6.0 SP3, Pandora Client 6.0 SP3,SP4.

Can you please advise?

Thank you.
Hello dstoian,

We will try to replicate the bug and rise an internal ticket to the development team to resolve it on future agent versions.

Thanks for posting!

Kind regards,

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