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Ping funcionalities with non-privileged user
I'm Running PandoraFMS with a non-privileged User called pandora. I know that the ICMP features don't work without pivilégios root, then the Host Alive module didn't work. I changed the file /usr/local/bin/pandora_network at line 336 and 365 and changed the type of ping used, library Net::Ping, from "icmp" to "tcp":

$ p = Net:: Ping-> new ( "tcp", $ l_timeout, 32);

Thus, the Host Alive module works now, but not for all agents. For Publics IPs (type 200.X.X.X) the module works fine, but when I use a private IP (like 192.168.xx) the module doesn't work. I don't know why.

With the kind of ping changed to "tcp" (Library Net:: Ping) module Host Latency does not work, too. Why PandoraFMS uses "icmp" option?

Best Regards
ICMP option it's suppossed to be more accurate to get network latency information.

In 3.0 version we drop perl usage for ping and rely on system's ping command, much more portable and we don't need to run as root. Perl ICMP ping is not threadsafe and locks are slowing down alot the network monitoring server.


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