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Can't figure out graphs
I need some help figuring out the graphs.

I'm not getting any errors, but I don't see any graphical representation of the data.

When I click on the graph icon next to the "memfree" module on one of my servers, for example:

It opens a Pandora FMS Graph window, shows the Max, Avg, and Min values, and has the gray left-side sliding options, but the rest is a big blank area.

Shouldn't there be a real graph there? I can't get graphs to show up anywhere.
By default pandora uses flash graphs, if you don't have flash you cannot see it. If you want to use static graphs  go to setup -> visual and uncheck flash charts. To see static graphs you need gd support for php (php5-gd in most distros).

In my case it was the time of the Pandora server. synchronize the time of the Pandora server with an Internet Time server (NTP) or another NTP-server inside your network.

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