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[Solved] How to add a simple switch
I try to add a simple switch. I just want to be watched if it is online or offline. Right now Pandora says "agent down". How can I tell Pandora to just ping the switch and say "everythng is green here"?
1. Create a network module
2. Use "ICMP Ping Boolean " and create a new one, or reuse one of the base library.
3. Put switch IP.

Take a look to documentation, it's very well documented, with a lot of screenshots.
Thanks for your answer. I´m a bit confused now... when I add the switch the only monitor attached is "agent_keepalive". This monitor is in unknown state (purple color) and there is a message "monitor (agent_keepalive) goes down : 54 minutes ago".

So I deleted this monitor as it seems to only work with an agent installed on the client (windows/linux). Then I added a "Host alive" (Type ICMP PROC) monitor through the network template "basic network monitor". But now the status color is "purple" and it says "this agent doesn´t have any monitor with data".

I cannot find "ICMP Ping boolean" you mentioned, there is just "Host alive" in the template. What can I do? Thanks for any help!
I can simplify the question a bit: I created an agent for a PC and just added the ICMP Ping check (no other monitors and no client agent software installed), the status of this PC is "purple" and Pandora does NOT see it if I turn off the PC. Shouldn´t the Ping check fail? Seems it doesn´t even start...
Solved... I restarted the network server... somehow it wasn´t able to send a ping, now it does and the switch finally turns green :-)
Humm, just for curiosity, what version are you using ?

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