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Solaris agent is sending the wrong XML version by default
The Solaris agent is sending an incorrect XML version header to the server.  The Solaris agent is sending encoding='ISO-8859-15', but the server will not accept that, and it renames the clients xml file to _BADXML and leaves it in the /var/spool/pandora/data_in directory. 
Holy crap !

By default we use iso-8859-15 encoding (mostly of development team are spanish) and left this encoding in the code as "default", and don't think about users who doesn't have installed in their systems, so "by default" could not work on some systems, like yours.

You can "overwrite" the default value using the token:

encoding iso-8859-1

In the pandora_agent.conf file (agent configuration). This should work.

Anyway, I've updated the default value for encoding so this encoding will be replaced by iso-8859-1, it should work "as default" in any system.

Thanks for reporting the problem !

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