Pandora FMS training

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”. Antoni de Saint-Exupéry.

Save time

The official product documentation is quite extensive, it is more than 1500 pages long. So let’s not fool ourselves: knowing everything Pandora FMS does takes time, and mastering all its secrets without any kind of help is difficult.

You can sit down and read, watch videos or even read the code, or you might be much more practical and prefer having extra help to save time and not have to dive into the whole documentation. We have several training programs that can be adapted to all types of users: from people who use the Community version, to our Enterprise customers who need to train a team to manage the already working Pandora FMS console.

Official Certifications

There are always people who say they have knowledge, but we can certify what they know about Pandora FMS and what they do not. That is the whole purpose of official certifications, but it is also a way to find out whether the person who took the course has really taken advantage of it.

With almost a thousand certificates over the last decade, you can be assured that if someone is certified, they have enough knowledge to implement Pandora FMS.

All of our certifications include two time-limited exams, a theoretical one and a practical one.

Our own e-Learning Platform

Since 2017, we have invested a lot of effort in creating a training plan that includes everything necessary to operate, manage and perform complex installations of Pandora FMS. Our e-Learning platform has different courses that will help you little by little to get to know everything related to this tool.

We also thought it might be interesting to create a course for those who did not feel confident enough with Linux, so we made one tailored to our needs, based on our favorite distribution (centOS). In addition to our courses PAO (Operation), PAT (Management), PAE (Engineering), PAMSP (MSP / Metaconsole) and PAD (Development), there is our Linux PALX course.

The platform allows access to all courses, which contain a theoretical part, practical exercises with the answers, example videos, documentation on each topic in PDF, self-assessment tests for each topic and a specific forum for students, where our tutors will answer all their questions. For those students who are taking the premium course, there is an individual tutoring system by videoconference available.

Other details

Customized courses

We can also customize courses for your company, in duration, scope, and content, adapting them to your current and future needs. Contact us, we can move to your offices or teach them in external classrooms.